Feature photo: Heilbronn town hall in acrylic by Wolfgang Loesche

European regular's table

This part of the article comes a little later because I made a pilgrimage to Dammgrundschule this morning, controlled solely by my subconscious. At the height of K3 there was an annoyance that reminded me that the pilgrimage will not start again until next Wednesday. Movement never hurts and so I was also able to enjoy the bells of the Hafenmarkt tower.

Yesterday's virtual European regulars' table began quite unusually as I got older, because I was 4 minutes late and once again I apologize to all participants. The reason was a physics book that I was immersed in and as its author immersed in quantum physics Walt Whitman quoted, one thing led to another and I would probably still be digging through old books if my better half hadn't reminded me.

I was very happy that Klaus Mendte tuned in from the diaspora, and Detlef Stern picked up on my current physics book thoughts. And so there was a mingling of note box, quantum physics to the "Book Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid" and the current projects of the EUROPA-UNION. Only those who also take part in such European regulars' tables will learn to understand the background and connections.

And that's why I'm now planning the above book by Douglas R. Hofstadter to make it the subject of the following virtual European regulars' tables. I combine the whole thing with up to four other books as secondary literature and as a possible tool - not as a structuring element (!) - let's take the Zettelkasten.

To each his own

Two words in Latin that most of us do not attach any importance to, but which have occupied the somewhat more refined minds since ancient times. Plato and Cicero may be the most famous authors who made these words known, but the former in ancient Greek.

But that no longer fetches a tired dog from behind the stove, unless, perhaps, if one remembers the German translation "Jedem das Seine" (Everyone's own), although I fear that this, too, will not cause any excitement among the majority of our fellow citizens.

This requires a completely incompetent and morally very dubious professional politician in self-made difficulties, who absolutely has to distract from her own failure once again. This now reminds her followers that these three German words were to be found at a concentration camp and are now used in Latin as a motto by the military police — what a falsification of history!

But that doesn't matter! She now promises her own party mob the denazification of the Bundeswehr — by the way, quite analogously to Vladimir Putin, which, however, wants to denazify the whole of Europe, including the SPD — and they are now looking forward to being able to take action again against the real enemy, namely all fellow citizens who are willing to risk their own lives for democracy and their compatriots.

This professional politician saved her career again, caused unspeakable damage to the Bundeswehr and society as a whole, and thus joins the long line of German professional politicians who are deliberately destroying our Europe and our democracies!

If necessary, I recommend my comrades from the military police to offer a “new” motto in ancient Greek. I bet nobody notices and understands that.

unity party

The Heilbronn gang works, come what may; and it's worth it for everyone involved. Together you are strong and do what you want. So it is not surprising that none of these ladies and gentlemen are bothered by the fact that the town hall is becoming more and more isolated, nor that the administration is getting bigger and bigger, although it no longer even has to fulfill its own tasks.

And so it is only logical that after the municipal council has followed the "wish" of the mayor and no more 5 euros for a citizens' festival, the meeting place Europe, which was organized by and for the citizens, this now reactivated a Heilbronn festival, which costs 200 euros each. All of which is no problem at all, because the Heilbronn clique celebrates itself.

The court reporters and municipal marketing experts are already reporting on the great success of this festival and the advertising machinery has not even really started yet. We also learn that everyone who is planning something else on these days or who could even belittle the glory of this best festival of all time with their own actions is not in solidarity with the collective, uh, the Heilbronner Volksgemeinschaft.

I can only warn my fellow citizens when "single parties" become fashionable again, when almost everyone in committees only has one opinion, the praise for the "representatives of the people" and their administrative apparatus knows no bounds, everything that is done only brings success, we all suddenly live in one of the cleanest, most successful and safest university cities with world class and then scandals that are still known are simply swept under the table, yes, then something is no longer right in the state of Denmark!