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I could read my book yesterday Europe is for everyone! due to popular demand also publish as a bound book. Today I was able to meet the translator of the book under the English title We Are All Part of Europe! agree on the final details so that the final sprint can now begin.

And because things are going well at the moment, I have now also set up a separate website for the Hertenstein Talks - this guarantees me a few nice hours of tinkering.

Addendum: in December 2021 I then moved the Hertenstein Talks here to this weblog.


Why is it that the myth persists that socialists stand up for the citizens? No matter where you look, it not only results in the complete disenfranchisement of us humans, but above all it always leads to the fact that even children have to eat the kit out of the joints.

Socialists only want one thing, to push through a broken ideology and put themselves in the best possible position. They justify their own existence solely on the capitalism that feeds them and promise everyone to stand up for their interests.

The whole thing has recently only been surpassed by the Greens, who have held government responsibilities for years and are helping to ensure that nature and the environment are being trampled on more and more quickly. In doing so, they promise themselves more voters, continue to destroy nature and the environment just to generate more voters.

Two vicious circles that you could only get a grip on with education.

dam schools

The drama surrounding the renovation of the Damm elementary schools is finally coming to an end, slowly but surely, and it is said to be as early as 2022. During this time, some companies and cities build entire airports - with the exception of the "glorious" Berlin.

And they also thought about renovating the two schoolyards, actually something positive. But then you have to take note that the schoolyards are to be swapped between the Realschule and the elementary school.

I was when I was in elementary school dam school very happy that we elementary school students were allocated the larger playground, especially since younger students have a greater urge to move and therefore the larger courtyard is necessary for them from a pedagogical point of view alone. It is well known that the older Realschule students have other interests and needs during the breaks and can also pursue their urge to move — if it still exists — elsewhere and without supervision.

That is why those responsible decided, no later than in the 1960s, to move the younger students from the north courtyard — which is certainly easier to control — to the south courtyard.

Today, people are more concerned about how “totalitarian” the school building facade is, and consequently — hopefully not because of a basic totalitarian attitude — they pen up today’s elementary school students and ensure that they can develop as little as possible on their own.

At the Dammschule in particular, it was possible to observe how well it did the primary school pupils to move out of the containers into a spacious building for the first time.

Since these positive developments are now not used or even expanded, it could be because one wants to prevent the development of responsible citizens at a very early stage, or to ensure that the "better society" sends their children to private schools.

This penning up of elementary school students fits perfectly with the current rededication of urgently needed sports facilities (Olga Center) in order to exhibit subsidized art there!

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