Feature photo: Employee search in May 2021


As we can read today in the Heilbronner Voice (20.08.2022: 23), a few Heilbronn city councilors took a closer look around Hafenstrasse and found that it is not very clean there.

“The Heilbronn companies located opposite [Hafenstraße] scrupulously close the gates after work. 'If we don't secure our premises, we can order a cleaning service for the next morning,' says one employee."

Voice of Heilbronn (20.08.2022: 23)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Hafenstrasse visits by our city councillors, but I would still be very happy if our city councilors also took a look around the city centre. Because in the city center there are already homeowners who had to secure the entrance areas of the houses with bars and gates, and if the tenants aren't careful, then they shit in the house entrances or cellars. And now that the weather conditions are right, we're spending the night there more often.

You could with (clean) public toilets and a functioning security service will definitely help, also in Hafenstrasse. The money is certainly available, but unfortunately it is only used for other purposes. There are also a few good examples of this in the Heilbronner voice today.

game night

After a good meal we met yesterday for a game night, this time with the game "play nine“ was spent. When everyone had won at least once, this very enjoyable day slowly but surely came to an end.

And if you don't know the game yet, I recommend the appropriate one PlayNine website. What was new for me today was that Play Nine can now also be played online. And there is now even an explanatory video.


We finally managed to do that yesterday Abacco's Steakhouse in Heilbronn on the Neckar Mile. The previous restaurant there was not so lucky, and anyone who has ever been a guest there will certainly understand this.

With the best weather, we took a seat outside and enjoyed the evening on the Neckar with a view of the theater ship. A young man named Xiao Kai Zhou looked after us very kindly and also made sure that we lacked for nothing.

The restaurant advertises that they have very good steaks and this has also been reported to us by other guests. I really liked the way the food was served, and for some guests it's probably a good thing that you can order side dishes free of charge. My steak was perfect and I would have enjoyed it even more if we hadn't made the mistake of seating; fogged in the cigarette smoke of the other guests, who at least didn't stub their butts on the food themselves, but just flicked them around, neither the US beefs nor the grilled specials, all Swiss-style on the 400° C hot stones served directly at the table, enjoy it to the full. Hence my recommendation to take a seat in the non-smoking interior of the restaurant; this also saves you from being hit by a cyclist or e-scooter when you go to the toilet.

My conclusion today: our meals were all excellent and plentiful, so that we only enjoyed an espresso or an affogato at the end. And our host for the evening was a hard-working and bright young man who made our visit even sweeter. So I'm already looking forward to the next visit, but then in a back corner of the restaurant.