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Post photo: Reader | © Pixabay


Actually, agriculture serves to supply our population with food. The bad thing is if it only succeeds on the condition that it damages the soil, water and air.

However, it is completely unacceptable that it deliberately destroys our nature and endangers the health of all of us, just to become the world champion in exporting food and wood.

It is imperative that we intervene here and reduce our agriculture to what is necessary. Our country has neither the size nor the character to make the world happy with food from Germany. And in addition, as a society, we bear the consequences of this overproduction, while those who cause it make the profits - this is no longer a functioning and sustainable economy!


I still know 17 and 18 year olds as young men who are doing their (voluntary) military service and are full members of society. Today I had to read in the newspaper that several young people rioted again in Heilbronn and pushed the police to their limits; two of these "youths", 17 and 18 years old, had to be picked up by their parents (!) from the police. What wimps are these parents raising! It is probably not wrong to assume that these parents, like their completely useless offspring, are also just a nuisance to our society.

city ​​initiative

The Heilbronn city initiative is going into the coming years with new momentum, I was able to see that for myself yesterday. I found it a pity that Thomas Gauss has given up the rudder, I am pleased that now Thomas Aurich will contribute more.

The speech of the mayor of Heilbronn was also interesting, who announced, among other things, that a "strong city" is noticeable through high incidences and thus gave this sad development a new note.

Basically, I don't think it's a bad thing when you talk things over into sticky situations, because that primarily serves to motivate the rest of the actors. But if you are the cause of the evil yourself, the whole thing takes on a stale taste.

site of the day

City initiative Heilbronn

A Heilbronn club that has set itself the goal of revitalizing the core city a little more. His website "Mein Heilbronn" is a good place to go to find out more about trade, services, gastronomy, accommodation, leisure and culture.

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