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Recently, all kinds of people have been complaining that their acceptance in society has decreased. The of Gottfried Keller The statement “Clothes make the man,” which was coined in the 19th century, only holds true in less enlightened societies. And anyone who had the privilege of serving in the Bundeswehr knows very well that it's not the appearance and the tinsel on the shoulder that matters, but the person themselves.

Unfortunately, many of us are not ready yet and so, even if professional groups are “uniformed”, what makes things even more difficult is that the whole reputation can quickly deteriorate even if there are just a few Smurfs in our own ranks. That's why it's particularly important for "uniformed people" that they - every single one of them - always look like one: a uniform is mandatory.

And so today's professional groups have to live with the fact that they can no longer score points with their tinsel, no matter what kind, with more enlightened citizens, while a few Smurfs in their own ranks can destroy the good reputation of the entire group with their simpler fellow citizens.

You could counteract the whole thing very quickly, namely if you ensure that your own quality (of the group) constantly increases. — simply complaining is probably less of a hassle and is still very trendy for us!

It's even worse when entire groups of people act alone according to the motto "outside hoo, inside ugh", because then their acceptance in society can no longer be saved - and not even in a dictatorship!


Last night my better half and I were able to dance and do so with everyone involved in a great mood. We also managed to get more dance couples excited about the Europa Ball.

By now half of the planned tables in the Theodor-Heuss-Saal der Harmonie have probably already been reserved, and we will only receive our advertising flyer in the coming days. What makes me particularly pleased is that we managed to win over all notable democratic parties and voter groups for the Europa Ball. And so representatives of Alliance 90/The Greens, CDU, FDP, Free Voters and SPD will officially be at the ball.

And so the Europa Ball is exactly what it should be as a cultural and social element in a democracy, namely a civil and political signal for the cohesion of our society!


Very pleasing that after the right-wing extremist preparations to dehumanize our country and our society became known So many citizens are now openly expressing their displeasure against the renewed rise of National Socialism on the streets. After the failed firewall of conservative parties, the majority of the population now seems to be rallying under the motto “We are the firewall” to defend themselves against totalitarianism of any kind.

But we all have to be very careful that these laudable civil efforts are not now hijacked by left-wing extremists and anti-Semitic forces and then serve the sole purpose of perhaps getting one over on the other anti-democrats, but in any case further fomenting discord in our society.

That is why all appeals must first and foremost call for the defense of democracy and the rule of law and then very happily condemn right-wing extremism - or better yet, all extremism and especially totalitarianism and that knows, just look at the Russian Federation, neither right nor left! They're all the same criminals.

Due to the recent disgusting events in Potsdam, both the Free Voters and the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn are joining in the “rally against the right” planned in Heilbronn on Tuesday at 18.00 p.m. in front of the Bollwerksturm.

Now I'm very excited to see how the demonstration will develop - I definitely won't miss it.

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