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That with the forum will probably be nothing more, at least nothing with the forums on this weblog. The whole thing doesn't seem to fit together as well as I thought it would when I moved my forums to this weblog. Wolfram Herzog recently gave me the advice to better expand the comment function under the blog posts. Since I am not resistant to advice, I have already tried two corresponding tools. Unfortunately, none of them harmonized with the weblog.

The corresponding forum tool works better here, but it doesn't do anything if hardly anyone uses it; I've rededicated it to a blogroll and FAQ in the meantime. Since the tool is still compatible with the blog without any problems and also doesn't cause me any work, I can keep the forum and see if it doesn't find one or the other lover.

Regarding the expansion of the comment function, I am very interested in further suggestions; maybe one of the readers has already had positive experiences and can help me with tips.

talk show theme

apparently has Kevin Kuehnert no idea about Heilbronn, but still made our city the subject of one of the usual TV shows for self-promoters. However, his ignorance is not at all surprising, since this politician himself is too stupid — or maybe just too lazy — for vocational training or university studies.

More interesting, however, is the conclusion in the Heilbronner Voice (January 19.1.2023, 4: 54), which connects the current conditions in both cities with the respective migrant quotas, but correctly points out that the migrant quota in Heilbronn is XNUMX% higher than in Berlin is.

One can therefore assume with a clear conscience that the cause of the misery is not the proportion of migrants, but the inability of the responsible politicians to deal with the overall situation. And maybe it would be a very good idea if we elected politicians in the future who can deal with such quite ordinary situations.

It would certainly help our politicians if, in addition to completing vocational training, they had already worked and demonstrated both technical and social skills - talk shows and party conferences are not enough for this.

Zettelkasten round

Last night there was a very exciting round about the Zettelkasten. Which led to the fact that I can now add a few new ideas to my own Zettelkasten. In the meantime, a very heterogeneous group has also gathered, including a few old acquaintances such as Detlef Stern or Thomas Michl.

In any case, it motivates me to pick up speed again with my Zettelkasten and at least to reconsider one or the other path I have taken. No, I definitely don't want a cooperative card box or a kind of egg-laying Wollmichsau, as it is e.g. B. Chris Aldrich resolved for itself, I have long distanced myself. And I now see the path I have already taken, to make parts of my Zettelkasten public, a little differently.

I actually have my blog for the public and my forum is perhaps more suitable for the cooperative. And so I'm curious myself to see how the whole thing develops. In any case, the upcoming Zettelkasten round will again provide new ideas and possibly also completely question what has just been examined in two weeks.

And again, I didn't get around to promoting my forum; but it's probably not the right thing for such a round either.

reading recommendation

Peter king, a former Republican congressman, writes regarding the whereabouts of george santos, a fraudulent Senate Republican on the work and foundations of members of Congress. His findings may also be valid in other democratic parliaments without further ado.

You can find and download this article in the New York Times (18.1.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX) entitled Why George Santos Won't Be Able to Fake His Way Through Congress read right here. This post is unlocked for readers of my weblog.