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Series of events

Yesterday evening ended wonderfully at the meseno employee party. Since I regularly take the meseno bus and also support the tutoring there, I was also there.

Today is now entirely dedicated to EUROPA-UNION meetings, including a state committee meeting in Stuttgart.

Grosser Zapfenstreich

A lot of sun and even more wine obviously didn't do the Heilbronn organizers of the wine village very good. Probably inspired by a lot of fellow drinkers, they had their say in Heilbronn on September 15, 2023 Killian Krauth announce that they are the 51st Heilbronn wine village “around 21 p.m. ... with the Great Tattoo, which includes songs like “I pray to the power of love” and the national anthem, [finish...]. The Kirchhausen Music Association will sing it under the baton of Ralf Denninger. There is even a torchlight procession - the fire brigade is on hand."

I myself am not a fan of antiquated military ceremonies, but to this day the Great Tattoo is the Bundeswehr's highest-ranking military ceremony in terms of protocol and is considered the highest honor that the German armed forces can bestow on a civilian. The Federal President, Federal Chancellor and Federal Minister of Defense have a fundamental right to a farewell with a big tattoo and now, quite logically, the Heilbronn wine.

So we can only hope that the wine village visitors also sing the correct national anthem.

Post photos

As is well known, pictures say more than words and that's why I've been decorating the posts here on this weblog for a long time now. And since I had removed all the photos at least once, I also had to add photos to older blog posts that still existed - which wasn't so easy because you have to take a lot of things into account these days.

In addition, the respective photos are best related to the corresponding article. And so here in the blog you will find photos that my better half or I took as well as more professional photos from photographers who have made their photos available on Pixabay, Pexel, Shutterstock and Getty Images, among others.

My latest idea is to give my readers the opportunity to post their photos here as blog post photos. If you have a photo like this, please let me know and I'll see what post I can brighten up with it.

You will find it under “Post photo: Image description | © Your Name” mentioned.

Greetings from Dan Schaffer from Ohio

"A year has passed since the last college football season was kicked off, so here is your first installment of OSUMB excitement from last Saturday. As you watch, remember that the *ichigen Wolverines are the big rival of OSU and therefore open to ridicule. N-joy!"

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  • I think decency dictates that you respect terms like “Big Tattoo” that are held in high esteem by others – regardless of what personal attitude you may have towards it. In any case, its use is completely inappropriate in the wine village.