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author page

In order to be able to provide better information about my books, I have one own author page set up. There you will find more information about me as an author and about the books I have published so far.

And to be prepared for the Christmas business, my books are now also available as bound editions.

My books are available via Amazon, the bookstore or directly with me. And you can also use them, among other things at ZVAB magazine.

I would be very happy if my books were also discovered as gifts.

Autumn fair

If I have understood that correctly, the Heilbronn Autumn Fair is the successor to the Unterland Exhibition, which at its heyday easily attracted 100 visitors, but was then canceled due to a lack of interest.

The autumn fair is now supposed to be a "experience fair for the whole family" and attract a good 80 visitors. There is already beer on tap, I could read that in the voice of Heilbronn.

The entrance fee is eight euros, and word will certainly get around very quickly as to whether the whole thing is a bargain or something more for the “professional visitors” from Heilbronn.

Christmas Market

After seeing one last year Christmas Market had waived, there is correspondingly better news today. Because the Heilbronn Christmas market can take place.

And the announcement of Sara Furtwangler (Heilbronn Marketing GmbH)

“One thing is certain: there will be handicrafts and gifts at around 70 stands. Gastronomy and mulled wine will also not be missing at the Heilbronn market.”

gives hope that we Heilbronn will find a beautifully decorated city center over the Advent period.

If it is now clarified how to ensure access controls, among other things, then almost nothing would stand in the way of a contemplative Advent season.

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