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As I just noticed, my better half actually managed to sign us up for dance lessons several times this week. And so tonight I can dance for the second time this week.

In case we don't get stuck in a traffic jam on the way back from Strasbourg tomorrow evening, she has also taken precautions and then we'll go straight from the bus to the dance school.

blog dying

At the moment I'm reading more and more about bloggers believing that they are increasingly observing a supposed blog dying. It's the same with weblogs as with bloggers, the older ones are dying and younger ones keep coming. In addition, I do not believe that anyone has an overview of the amount of blogs — let alone can have one — and so the complained observations are mostly only excerpts from their own environment; I, too, have regretted the loss of a few blogs over the years, those that I grew fond of at the time. On the other hand, there are always new weblogs that have either only just been discovered by me or have been launched from scratch by a blogger.

Just imagine, no blog would ever disappear again, but new ones would continue to be added all the time! Therefore, blog dying is not only a natural phenomenon, but also an imperative. And I'm also firmly convinced that blogs also have the right to be forgotten and that's why I still have very mixed feelings about backups, especially if someone wants to save the entire Internet.

Even your own blogroll is a small challenge; I'm not the only blogger who has happily handed over this task to an RSS reader. Another advantage is that the reader automatically points out when a blog no longer exists. And with that, at least the “dead blogrolls” are getting fewer and fewer.

But without any question, blogging in itself is a tedious and time-consuming occupation, which for the majority of bloggers is more likely to serve their own reflection. Matthew Lausman writes about it in his blog:

“Blogging is time consuming. But it relaxes me immensely. It helps organize my thoughts, brings me down at the end of a long day. And with a bit of luck, an article will come out that I and others like.”

Mr Mess, From the old school, 10. August 2022

If someone wants to be public quickly, then they tend to use social media and especially the microblog services there. And this also separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to blogging, namely into those bloggers who very quickly give up blogging or switch to microblogging services entirely, and those who write continuously on their weblog for years, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less.

However, if you want to write for “eternity”, I still recommend the classic book format.


After slowly but surely starting my weblog and, thanks to the very professional support of Detlef SternAlso my note box Once I get a handle on it, I can't help but continue tidying up my office. And I've already discovered another project for myself, because I found my old backpack there, which once and for years had ensured my mobility.

Years ago, this backpack was a very good tool to ensure your ability to work from anywhere. Now that I see it lying in a corner, I'm thinking about what I would have to equip it with these days in order to be prepared for all the cases that still come into question for me today. In any case, a battery for mobile phones and laptops is part of it, and I wouldn't want to do without a pointing stick either. I prefer not to do anything with a laser pointer, because they usually didn't have a battery when I needed them.

And so that my new project will also be crowned with success, I immediately put a new slip of paper in the same box.

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