Feature photo: Heilbronn flag and coat of arms

Am Sunday 26. May 2019 find the in Heilbronn Elections to the European Parliament and to the Heilbronn municipal council instead.

As a German or Union citizen living in Heilbronn, you can vote in both elections.

As a citizen of an EU member state (= citizen of the Union), you are entitled to vote if you live in Germany or otherwise usually reside there. In addition, you must meet the same requirements as Germans on election day.

Note: Each voter can only vote once and must therefore decide whether to cast their vote in their country of origin (immigrants) or their new home (emigrants) or here in Heilbronn.

Please vote!

Since I myself am a candidate for the Heilbronn municipal council on list number 11 of the Free Voters (FWV HN), I would like to ask you for three of your 40 votes.

prerequisite for voting is, that you

  • on election day at least 18 years (Election to the European Parliament) or at least 16 years (Heilbronn municipal council) are old,
  • are not disqualified from voting and
  • for at least three months 
  • have an apartment in Heilbronn or otherwise usually reside there.

Entry in the electoral register

If you have already voted in Heilbronn or received an election notification, you are also listed in the voters' register.

If you are new to Heilbronn or have never received an election notification, I recommend taking a look at the electoral register.

You can download the electoral roll from 6. to 10. May 2019 during the opening hours of the Heilbronn city administration.

If you were not included in the electoral roll, you can appeal within these five days. You can submit the objection in writing or in person (for the record). You must enclose evidence that the electoral roll is obviously incorrect with your objection.

The Heilbronn city administration will then check the requirements for your eligibility to vote. If you appear in person, you will be immediately included in the electoral roll if the prerequisites check was successful.

You will receive the decision on your appeal by May 16, 2019 at the latest.

Attention: If you are entitled to vote but have not received a voting notification by May 3, 2019, please contact the Heilbronn city administration immediately. 

"Why should there not be a patient confidence in the ultimate justice of the people? Is there any better or equal hope in the world?”

Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address (March 4, 1861)