Representatives of the people

Bundestag | © Clareich on Pixabay

A people's representative is a person who informs himself about current problems and especially about future challenges for other people, looks for appropriate and viable solutions and contributes to the best possible decisions being made and implemented.

People's representatives can also be found in dictatorships or other totalitarian social models; However, these are usually not elected according to democratic rules and they do not decide either, but are alone claqueurs for the measures of the respective rulers.

In representative democracies, where not every citizen has to vote on everything himself, but can leave the information, decision-making and justification work necessary for every society to other fellow citizens, it makes sense to have at least very experienced, but in any case as intelligent and as possible selects honorable fellow citizens as representatives of the citizens' will.

Since the only criteria for a people's representative are being elected, whether directly or from a list, sometimes just "moving up", the parties and electoral groups bear a great deal of responsibility in the selection of the appropriate candidates.

As a citizen, one should be able to claim that those responsible for the nomination of candidates put up at least halfway suitable candidates, especially because these are now best-earning posts and no longer a civil service for honorary fellow citizens.

What is definitely not possible is that deceivers, scammers, criminals or completely un(trained) educated party members, who also lack any (life) experience, appear on the lists, because they are only decent in the CVs of their choice and capable people.

In addition, they will never be able to do their job halfway as described above, which ultimately means that, if they do not become corrupt themselves, they only serve as claqueurs for government decisions and thus bury any democracy.

Since many fellow citizens have to follow this more and more often, and the necessary decisions come too late, if at all, it is not surprising that more and more fellow citizens are giving up their right to vote, even finding favor with totalitarian regimes, or their salvation with lateral thinkers Looking for.

Every democracy dies from within and we are witnessing this very well right now.

"The ship of Democracy, which hath weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those aboard."

Grover Cleveland (February 15, 1894)

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