The EU needs a regulatory break


Post photo: Ursula von der Leyen | © European Union, 2021 | Photographer: Etienne Ansotte

As European policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, I comment on the speech on the State of the European Union 2023 as follows.

President of the Commission Dr. Ursula von der Leyen should focus more on the competitiveness of the EU instead of getting lost in a spiral of over-regulation with initiatives such as the planned EU supply chain law, the excessive EU heating plans and the EU 7 standards.

Instead, the EU needs a regulatory break. Europe will only become more attractive as a business location if we minimize the burden of bureaucracy - less is more here. Strengthening global partnerships, for example through the rapid conclusion of free trade agreements that have already been negotiated, such as with Mercosur, also makes us more competitive. Instead of building up barriers with ever new demands for standards, the EU should use realistic approaches to intensify partnerships with the global south before China and Russia beat us to it.

For a more effective foreign policy, we must also promote the integration of the common foreign, security and development policy as well as the protection of external borders. Qualified majority decisions in foreign and security policy and a European internal arms market are urgently needed to improve the EU's ability to act.

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