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After the housing situation just before the election of the municipal council once was an issue, the topic is simmering again in the last few days before the federal elections - this proves that it is actually a problem in Heilbronn.

The construction guild also once advertised with small houses in Heilbronn — but the initiator has not yet been able to tell me what became of the idea.

The well-established company apartments, on the other hand, are a private initiative by companies. If I see it correctly, then it works Dieter schwarz facts here. And maybe there are other companies in Heilbronn that could follow suit - in any case, this increases the attractiveness of employers and is therefore an important instrument for attracting and retaining qualified employees.

The urban settlement of Heilbronn is our city's really effective instrument for really getting out of hand when it comes to social housing construction. Unfortunately, the profit orientation is also there more and more the focus - which admittedly also leads to attractive buildings.

I assume that the private housing market is still the largest provider of housing, including for the so-called socially disadvantaged.

The idea of ​​using municipal employees to help private housing providers is an idea, but it would be better to ensure that private landlords are better protected against rent nomads and other apartment demolitions — a practiced landlord protection makes, contrary to certain Ideologies, make perfect sense!

This would ensure that more and better apartments would come onto the market again - and the city employees could devote themselves to their very own tasks.

A very quick solution to relaxing the social housing market would be to ask who actually lives in the apartments that were built for the socially disadvantaged or are still maintained for them. And then advises all tenants who are not entitled to reduced-price housing to make it available as quickly as possible for those who are actually in need.

But the way I see it now, instead of presenting solutions, the fractions of the municipal council will continue to debate housing quotas and adjust them again and again according to their own taste. In the best case, however, this might change something for the better in the very, very long term - but for some fellow citizens, sheer activism is completely sufficient, especially those who live well and cheaply.


Throwing away cigarette butts has been an intolerable but gladly tolerated situation in Heilbronn for decades. There is no square, no street, no yard that is not laden with butts.

Even with voluntary cleaning work, e.g. B. on Kiliansplatz, our fellow citizens are not afraid to throw cigarette butts at the volunteers' feet with funny comments. Butts like to be thrown at passers-by from passing cars, and unfortunately it has to be said that this is how it is handled by all smoking groups.

Since cigarette butts are now recognized as hazardous waste and not only harmful to the environment but also to health, it is not enough to threaten fines and to forgo any controls.

If you really care about our health and the environment, then dumping butts becomes a criminal offense and is rigorously prosecuted.

In addition, care should be taken to reimburse the property owners for the corresponding cleaning costs from the local cigarette vendors, or at least from the city administration.

It really is time to take responsibility for those responsible and not to keep harming the victims!

Free voters

Yesterday the free voters met for the summer monthly meeting in the Jägerhaus. I was very pleased that a good 30 free voters came together, including the Heilbronn city councillors Marion Rathgeber-Roth and Herbert Burkhardt, and after a long pandemic break we were able to talk to each other again in a very relaxed manner.

If you don't know the Free Voters yet, you are welcome to get information from the above city councillors, or look for a personal conversation with the chairman of the association Christian Roth.

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Free Voters Heilbronn

"The Freie Wahlervereinigung Heilbronn is not a party, but a registered association and a strong political force for Heilbronn."

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