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vaccine doses

Distraction with other things, such as Afghanistan, is a good opportunity for our ministers to secretly cause further economic damage. After CumEx deals, the toll debacle or the billion-euro destruction of dubious ordered non-functioning masks, there is now a risk of another loss of tax money because the responsible minister is probably intentionally letting vaccine doses expire and these then have to be disposed of at a cost.

With all this "criminal" business, the state was deprived of the necessary money with which it could have carried out further infrastructure measures or even initiated a functioning education policy. And if our government hadn't come up with anything useful at all, we taxpayers could have been relieved too.

So another chance was missed and a few shady characters got a lot richer.


Just as my comrades are once again a little busier than usual, I remember the nicest compliment I've ever been paid. A general whom I still respect very much turned to me with the following words: "Kümmerle, you decided very early on for character over a career."

Later, no one explained to me so nicely that I was an idiot. But today, more than ever, I am convinced that our country really lacks "idiots", because our careerists get nothing baked at all.


The EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn also has some members who do not come from the Ländle. So it's always a pleasure when they take the opportunity to stop by in Heilbronn, even just for a stopover.

That's how I got the call from Javier Ginerthat we could meet in a hotel in Heilbronn. This resulted in a very interesting conversation with very goal-oriented ideas, on the one hand for our club, on the other hand for the entire UEF association.

In any case, we agreed that we need a European federal state and that we need it as soon as possible.

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