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sense of security

At the moment, looking into the voice of Heilbronn gives me more pleasure than usual. This is also due to the comments from Thomas Zimmerman, who does not shy away from tackling critical issues at the local level and does not view our city of Heilbronn through the rose-colored glasses of very well-off city employees.

The problem would be very easy to solve by reducing the city administration to the necessary functions and creating more posts there that were previously neglected in favor of "chair-seaters", "officers", "referents" or "psychics".

It would also be better if the dirt on the streets were simply cleared away, instead of letting armies of advisers, interviewers or statisticians loose on the population, who then only realized — and at great expense — that it would be good if the streets were cleaned up and sweeps in front of your own front door.


There are three birthdays coming up this week and everyone deserves a special celebration. Since we live in fairly mobile times, this is not always as easy as one would like.

And so I wish the three birthday children all the best, good health and confidence in everything that is to come. I'm happy every day that you exist - which I can't say about everyone.

Small pleasures

I have already reported about my grill. Obtaining a spare part for it was a challenge, at least for me, and I was able to get to know one or the other specialist company a little better. Which no longer surprises me when manufacturers rely on direct shipping or even use their own customer services.

Since I had meanwhile got the spare part I needed, it made sense to ask a friend if he could help me, especially since the best spare part doesn't help if I disassemble it during installation - which, by the way, I've always managed very well is. Years ago I thought about making myself available as a tester, because what survives me has to be good.

Yesterday it was time, we had two friends over and we had a wonderful evening together, and... my grill is working again; just at the right time.

Jet lag (addendum)

You probably suffer from jet lag when you suddenly realize that yesterday was today or vice versa. In any case, yesterday's post is dated today. But I'll leave it like that for now.

Happy B-Day from the Swedish Chef

My Swedish comrades may forgive me in this case.

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