We Are All Part of Europe!


Last year I published my first book entitled "Europe is for everyone!" released. I completely ignored the fact that although there are many Europeans, very few of them speak German, let alone read it.

And so I have now corrected this shortcoming with the English translation of my book.

We Are All Part of Europe! is an adapted version of the German original "We Are All Part of Europe! — From Homo sapiens to Homo Europaeus"

With this book, which summarizes my previous lectures about Europe and the European Idea, I hope to convince my fellow citizens of what Europe can be and win their commitment to such an Europe with its contribution to world peace.

Furthermore, this book is also intended to provide those who deal scientifically with Europe with the basics and documents in order to gain a deeper insight into the way of thinking and behavioral patterns of federalists on the one hand, and a quick overview of the history of the European unification movement.

You can purchase the book through Amazonin bookstores or directly from me.

"The crisis of European existence has only two ways out: the demise of Europe in alienation from its own rational meaning of life, the decline into hostility to the spirit and barbarism, or the rebirth of Europe from the spirit of philosophy." 

Edmund Husserl, The crisis of European humanity and philosophy (Lecture on May 7th and 10th, 1935 in Vienna)

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