Post photo: Slogan in a shop

Just strolling through shops and looking at the displays without a goal also has something of deceleration. For me especially when I have to go for a walk after a good meal and the weather doesn't exactly invite me to go for a walk in the fresh air.

And so you can casually look at what is on offer. My conclusion today once again that there is nothing that does not exist.

And since, as a somewhat older person, you usually already have more standing around at home than you would like, it is completely sufficient if you simply admire one or the other thing.

By the way, bags really seem to be all the rage this year, because they are available in almost every shop and then in the most diverse imaginable designs.

The eye-catcher of the day, however, was a bright green metallic Tesla, which once again surpassed yesterday's bright orange Tesla.

Beauty has always been a matter of opinion!

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