Nuclear power


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There is no question that generating electricity using nuclear technology is far better, safer and more environmentally friendly than generating electricity from fossil fuels of any kind.

The core technology could not only be constantly improved, but later replaced by nuclear fusion technology. The reduction of radioactive waste would already be possible today and its disposal would also be solvable in the future. However, this is not politically wanted and so our nature will not only continue to be severely damaged, but will probably also be destroyed for good.

This Saturday, the last three nuclear power plants in Germany will be shut down and some fellow citizens are suddenly wondering whether the energy supply can be guaranteed? The bad thing is, even in these times, those citizens only think about their own comfort - even if it costs the end of the world!

I maintain that this will not be a problem, because our electricity suppliers will then buy the cheaper nuclear power from abroad and sell it to us at a completely overpriced rate - partly because it was wanted and caused by politics.

This ensures that a few cousins ​​get even richer and we citizens are all punished for our stupidity. The electricity continues to come from the socket and the completely clueless then buy even better and consequently also more expensive green electricity, which is produced especially for these intelligent bolts at their own socket - probably by nano-hydroelectric or nano-solar power plants.

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