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Good staff work would not only be appropriate in administrations, but absolutely necessary. A letter from the first inspector of the army, Lieutenant General, shows that this is not new knowledge Hans Rottiger, who addressed his direct associates on August 6, 1957 as follows.

Unfortunately, "false colors" and administrative officials have their problems with it to this day. And it is also quite difficult to establish such a way of working in association boards. There, too, many are still content with a purely accounting attendance and should they actually be present, with a lot of useless chatter.

What can certainly have its certain charm in clubs - at least that's how I've experienced it in the last few decades - and you ultimately do everything yourself or together with a few top performers, is ultimately deadly in the military and ensures in administrations that these are simply still there — mostly in an XXL version — and at most become a complete burden on the citizens or bother them permanently.

Anyone who likes this commander's letter is welcome to it here as a Download English PDF.

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