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Irvine is said to be the safest city in the USA, which was planned and developed by the Irvine Company in the 1960s and now has more than 300 inhabitants. Particularly noteworthy are its universities and the reservoir, which is great for walking around.

Irvine received its city charter in 1971 and my aunt moved there from San Francisco in 1974. Irvine is about 60 miles south of LA and is part of Orange County. The city borders among others Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach.

In Irvine, the universities, the many city parks and the various churches are not to be missed. There are also three larger city libraries and other university libraries, most of which are open to the public. Since the Asians are now likely to make up the largest part of the population in Irvine, it is not surprising that Chinese literature can no longer be overlooked in the libraries.

Irvine is also special in the field of sports, as Irvine can be considered the US center for water polo.

Traditionally, automobiles and city buses dictate traffic, but like Santa Ana, Irvine is well-connected to San Diego and Los Angeles by rail. And since the 1990s, Irvine has also had a good network of cycle paths with around 500 kilometers of cycle paths and an additional almost 100 kilometers of cross routes.

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