Chez Ursula 2022

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After a delay due to COVID-19, Tina and I were finally able to fly to California. Konstantin brought us to the airport in time so that we could check in our luggage early. After one night at the airport, we went through the check-in without any problems and were the first at the gate.

After a very pleasant flight we reached LAX and the Marriott, where Aunt Ursula was already waiting for us. After a first meal we went to Santa Ana.

Once there, from May 12th to June 10th we all had wonderful days together in Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. As always, the pool provided pure relaxation and for Heiner the jacuzzi.

The evenings were spent together with Rummikub, whereby Heiner had to realize that he couldn't always win.

On the return flight, contrary to all expectations, there was still excitement at LAX airport, but then a pleasant flight back to Frankfurt. When we got there, Konstantin took us back to Heilbronn.

Thanks to Konstantin for the transport and Aunt Ursula for another very nice stay in California.

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