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What is your reading list and where can I find it?

The reading list consists of my RSS feed, which are the blogs and websites that I read regularly, and a list of the journals and magazines that I have subscribed to digitally or on paper and also read.

You can find my reading list on the home page at the bottom of the imprint. Or you can just follow this hyperlink here.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

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  • I would like to add to the minutes of the “Europe Now!” discussion group that we participants also debated how “natural” Europe has become, especially for us younger people. Many of us don't know any different. Travel without borders, pay in euros, no customs fees when shopping online, we hardly know any other way. It is important to demonstrate these freedoms in order to arouse interest in Europe.
    Likewise, the majority of the group agreed that we are not afraid, but rather feel concern and uncertainty when we observe current developments.

    • As we were able to determine, the half-life of such rounds is not sufficient to fill a forum even remotely. Where non-binding has become a principle, you really have to think about completely new communication channels.