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Clean pedestrian zones

I'm not the only one who has noticed this negatively for years, other fellow citizens are now also convinced that Heilbronn's pedestrian zones are no longer a good address.

Currently in the Heilbronner Voice: Focus Heilbronn market square

They are dirty and more and more a port of call for beggars, peddlers and other rabble. In addition, the city is increasingly allowing trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles of all kinds, taxis, residents, suppliers, business and shop owners, bicycles and electric scooters to allow the few remaining shoppers to shop and pedestrians to stroll more than make it difficult. 

There are also less and less attractive shops because they can no longer make any sales. And the vicious circle continues, as these are replaced by kebab shops, nail studios and cheap hairdressers, which make the area even less attractive. And their customers also park right in front of the store and use the pedestrian zone to drive and dump their rubbish.

The public order office and the police, if they dare to walk into the pedestrian zone, deliberately look the other way and harass the last innocent citizens who are still there, because they don't have to expect any objections from them.

The Heilbonner Stadtreinigung can no longer cope with all the dirt and faeces, although there have been no public toilets for a long time but there are more and more pubs and other drinking opportunities, which only makes the overall situation worse.

And because there are hardly any attractive offers in the city for either the homeless or the young people, they are all forced to gather in the center and bore each other. Throwing bottles and rubbish around becomes a mere pastime, you destroy everything that comes along, and while you're at it, you bully even the last passers-by.

I maintain meanwhile that has system; Those responsible in the municipal council and in the administration want it to be exactly like that!

I maintain that calm and order in pedestrian zones creates cleanliness. This combined with public toilets and fewer vehicles leads to a higher attractiveness. And this attractiveness brings customers and businesses back to Heilbronn, which further strengthens the attractiveness.

But in order to achieve this, we would need a municipal council and an administrative head who are also interested in Heilbronn and not only look after their own personal well-being and advantages!

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