Two days of fighting

Post photo: Rubble | © Michael Gaida on Pixabay 

In the meantime it is no longer a state secret and even the most ignorant German citizen knows it, namely that the Bundeswehr has the most expensive scrap metal in the world at its disposal, but does not have two days (!) of ammunition available for it. But that doesn't matter if the soldiers have been busy for decades, for the most part, with making fun of politicians, writing letters from housewives' associations or doing menial to completely superfluous work in German administrations.

To put it bluntly and clearly, even if the German weapons and military equipment functioned reasonably well and all the soldiers, whether trained and trained or not, would throw themselves at the attacking enemy, the fun would end by the third morning at the latest! Germany — we would all have to capitulate!

And it doesn't matter at all who attacks Germany and with what? As long as these attacking soldiers have weapons with ammunition, they are vastly superior to the entire Bundeswehr without ammunition. And this fact should be obvious to even the most stupid and corrupt politician!

However, as we had to experience on November 25, 2022 in the German Bundestag, the majority of our politicians across factions are not able to come to such a conclusion, because the Bundestag passed the federal budget for the year 2023 on that day. In compliance with the debt brake, further new loans of 45,6 billion euros are planned, but despite an alleged additional 100 billion euro package, there is still less money available for the Bundeswehr in 2023 than in 2022 or the years before - the defense budget was Black Friday lowered!

With that alone, the two days of fighting will soon become less than one day of fighting. And in order to speed things up even further, the Bundeswehr has to hand over the weapons and ammunition that are still functional from its stocks to other armed forces - a possible replacement procurement will be negotiated in the coming decades.

I really don't know how to evaluate this situation anymore? Only as stupid, as deeply corrupt or even as downright criminal? For such behavior there used to be terms like treason or even worse.

And so we can only hope that the Americans will continue to protect us, as they are now protecting the Ukrainians, with US taxpayers' money and US soldiers.

But that hardly interests a German citizen, because it's about much more important things, such as e.g. B. the next visit to the pub, the upcoming holiday and about when we will be world champions again, no matter what!

  • All the result of an increasing loss of reality due to "quotas" instead of "competence". And no one dares to contradict here in the case of undesirable developments.
    The lack of a real opposition in politics also contributes to this. The CDU and FDP have sacrificed their brand essence just to be able to form a coalition with the Greens - factual issues are carelessly sacrificed - defense policy is just one area of ​​many.