Christmas letter 2022

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We are now in the Third World War, with most of us taking advantage of the opportunity that still exists and burying our heads in the sand. Since this war is being waged in an exemplary manner in a hybrid manner, it is up to later generations to determine the precise beginning of the war. Due to the fact that this is a hybrid war, I suspect that its end can only be determined by later generations, but I speculate that we can certainly count on 100 years of war duration. However, there is no doubt about the respective war opponents, because it is about nothing less than the fight of the "free world" against oppression and the dominance of individual groups, to put it more strikingly, about the existence of democracy, human rights and federal structures.

I continue to firmly believe in the victory of reason and that our Western values ​​will prevail worldwide, but I do not know which side India, the Muslim world or even Europe will be on at the end of the war. The most recent youth uprisings in China and also in Iran give reason to hope that there may still be changes on the current opposing side, perhaps there in particular to those who will ultimately decide the Third World War. Conversely speculate Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin that they will at least be able to win Europe over to their side, since both have invested a great deal in European politics in recent decades.

But regardless of that and no matter how the war ends, it will have been the last European war, because after that continental Europe, even if it finally unites at the end of the war, will no longer play a significant role - in the best case it will remain so Values ​​that will then apply to the entire world. Which does not mean that there will be no more Europeans after the war, they will continue to exist, but most of them will come from other regions of the world - we "old" Europeans have done away with ourselves, because a good 100 years of delay and kidnapping will not go unpunished.

But none of us would be European federalists if we didn't continue to believe in our good cause and really try everything to save our world - at least make a small contribution to it! 

That's why I'm still very happy that there are still enough European federalists here in Heilbronn, and some of them are still very committed. And so we don't just have that in common Europe Ball in Heilbronn reactivated, which will take place for the second time on Saturday, September 23, 2023, but also lead the Hertenstein talks to new shores and try to break new ground by demonstrating at the citizenship level that we citizens can work together successfully across national and language borders. From 2023 we will try to found local groups of the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn, first in Solothurn and Béziers. If we succeed in this, we will be breaking new ground for the association as a whole and will prove to “big politics” that we citizens are much more advanced politically and socially than is generally assumed. Already on Friday, January 20, 2023 Thomas Heiligenmann talk about our sister city Béziers and we will then discuss our further course of action. Shortly thereafter, we would also like to inform the citizens of Solothurn about our project and ask them to support us.

In addition, we in Heilbronn have initiated another campaign which, starting next year, should enable the districts, cities and municipalities in Baden-Württemberg to assess the status of Europe. Because we want to know how far Europe is actually already anchored in our citizenships - and our country could definitely serve as a reference. 

Of course, in addition to all these demanding projects, we will continue to meet at the European regulars' tables and other information events to keep our members up to date and to strengthen our own cooperation. 

Actually, these difficult times, which will be much more difficult for all of us, would be predestined for all democrats and federalists to join forces with us so that we can work together and strengthened for a European federal state that could still save this world, at least an early democratic European unification would Xi Jinping persuade people to return to the negotiating table, because a European agreement would still have a signal effect on people like the signatories of the Chinese charter 08 and people of other world regions what even a Xi Jinping cannot be ignored.

The signatories of Hertenstein program hoped in 1946 to be able to prevent the Cold War and the return of totalitarian states in Europe. As we know today, they failed because of the particular interests of less decisive Europeans.

Should we still succeed in fulfilling the Hertensteiner legacy in the very near future, then a European federal state together with the United States of America could actually end the Third World War again and this before far too many people would continue to do so completely pointlessly - no matter where of this world - for the confused ideas of a few but very influential people are sacrificed.

I would like to refer to my post "the three menetekel“ from April 24, 2020. The third portent I saw at the time was the annexation of the Baltic States by the Russian Federation. Today we know that it is all of Ukraine. In addition, we now know a little more about our Potemkin villages, which I now also know about a contribution have written.

  • Dear Kummerle,

    the war against Ukraine that Putin started is of course not a world war, but a conflict between two European states, although strictly speaking Russia is not a purely European country. The confrontation is bad enough, but it doesn't have to be given such an ideological seal. It is not yet certain how this war will end. But I hope for a peace treaty soon, although I don't think Putin is capable of such an end. I never thought I would have to experience such a confrontation and wish Putin the plague on his neck.

    With kind regards,

    Peter Ax

    • Dear Mr. Ax,
      I so wish you were right! Unfortunately, we now have to assume a hybrid war that is no longer localized. Incidentally, I adopted the term world war from another blogger here — at first I also assumed it was a purely European war. But now I have to consider its global components and especially its impact on the whole world.