When is the surfing wave coming?

Post photo: Surfer | © Shutterstock

The CDU parliamentary group has anchored the topic of surfing waves in the municipal council. What was it about for us? To offer students and young people even better leisure time alternatives in Heilbronn. The students at the university, for example, got used to the attendance rhythms of their professors during the homeschooling period. Tuesday arrival, Thursday departure, short Tue-Wed-Thu.

Student apartments are less needed, investors have to rent to others and the pedestrian zone would also be happy to see even more young people on weekends. Of course, the surfing wave is only one piece of the jigsaw puzzle in the overall offer, which is made up of sport, leisure and culture. According to a study by the DHBW (Prof. Dr. Yvonne Zajontz) there is a great need for this and also a location idea. At the REV site on the former landing stage of the BUGA ships, don't say a surfing wave in the Neckar according to Stuttgart's ideas, but one in fresh water on a freighter. It already exists, what is missing is the money. With COVID-19 and the Ukraine war, we caught a bad time in German, which is why the CDU parliamentary group will not let go on the one hand, but will accept the reality that, if the other parliamentary groups follow us, we will try to plan as much as possible in set the coming budget. In dialogue with you, openness is required, therefore plain language, currently the surfing wave is slowing down a bit but never forgotten.

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