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Feature photo: Stockport flies the flag in Heilbronn (2007)

Europe affects almost all areas of life, so it is not surprising that there are associations and interest groups that also deal with Europe or European issues.

One of the oldest of these are probably the clubs that maintain and maintain town twinning. There are also numerous 'European Clubs' (the former Europa-Club Heilbronn and the one that still exists in Stuttgart can serve as an example), which deal more with culture, country and people or also 'international' or 'intercultural'. Sports associations that want to practice their favorite sport in as diverse a society as possible.

Even if these fellow citizens do not want to develop or advertise any more in-depth political activities of their own, they definitely make a contribution to international understanding that should not be underestimated.

On the other hand, it is different with the constantly emerging 'Europe activists', who speak up very prominently and also develop interesting and new formats for a 'European application', but ultimately have to pass the European litmus test: do they have their own objectives for our Europe and are you willing to follow them over longer periods of time?

And very important: are they willing to work together, including content-related discussions?

If not, then I'd be happy to remind you of a comment Charles de Gaulles he was in an interview with Michel Droit on December 14, 1965 made:

"Bien entendu, on peut sauter sur sa chaise comme un cabri en disant l'Europe! l'Europe! l'Europe! mais cela n'aboutit à rien et cela ne signifie rien."

“Of course you can jump on a chair like a kid and always Europe! Europe! Europe! say - but that leads to nothing and means nothing."

Charles de Gaulle (December 14, 1965)

If you are now a little more curious, I recommend reading my book Europe is for everyone!

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