Father joys


Feature photo: both sons at the photo shoot

When the commander found out that I was going to be a father for the second time, he gave me a short break from practice, so I drove from central France to Heilbronn that night to find out when I got to the SLK hospital that it would take a while again. And as soon as I was the proud father for the second time and the two grandmothers were there again, I returned to the exercise, but this time I filled the car with champagne and, after returning to the combat exercise, gave everyone a little joy.

The suggestion of my comrades, namely to name the youngest son Pegasus - after the current exercise - did not meet with my better half. By the way, June 16, 1996 is not only a Sunday, but also American Father's Day — a military plan of my better half; which I have already reported.

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