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Family women of all countries, unite!  I'm so tired of it, and that's why I'm calling you today for a collective strike. We strike at Christmas. We just don't do it anymore. We no longer bake cookies, we refuse to compete for the most beautiful Christmas decorations and the tastiest Christmas menu, we no longer take part in any school or business Christmas parties. We also no longer buy presents, neither for the family nor for relatives, acquaintances, neighbors and certainly not for ourselves. Has it not already come to the point that we have to buy the presents ourselves, otherwise on Christmas Eve the family will is disappointed because Santa Claus just didn't bring mom anything? And I love it so much: the Advent season and Christmas. The smell of the cookies, the children's anticipation, the bright eyes on Christmas Eve. I love telling the kids why we celebrate Christmas. Jesus was born at Christmas and changed people's lives. Isn't this beautiful festival trampled on when Christmas is only referred to as a family celebration and many no longer even know what the reason for the celebration is? Doesn't the magic get lost when we have to explain to our youngest ones that they still have about a hundred sleeps until Christmas, even though Santa Claus is smiling at them from every corner and the vendors are busy protecting chocolate Santa Clauses from the late summer sun? Months before the festival, we are tricked into thinking that we are in the Christmas spirit, and we are generously treated to Christmas music. The disappointment is all the greater when contemplation no longer sets in during the Advent season. When we sit on Christmas Eve with our tongues hanging out under the Christmas tree, which is decorated according to the latest trends, of course. When we can no longer look forward to the days off with the family and the great news that God became man. That's why I ask you again: Refuse yourself!

This blog post first appeared on December 13-14, 2003 in the newspaper's "Family Ties" column Trier folk friend, in which changing authors commented on everyday family life.

Ursula Schaffer is a teacher at Realschule Plus Bleialf in Rhineland-Palatinate, living in Bitburg and even more, my favorite sister. Among other things, she wrote several glosses for the above column. I liked them so much that I asked them to publish at least some of them on my weblog.

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