Ukraine question

Feature photo: Ukrainian and EU flags

It has been certain since today, and we can now observe very well, at the moment only from the margins, whether there really is a Ukrainian people. Because it is a fact that peoples can secure their own existence if they stand together. 40 million Ukrainians cannot be brought to their knees by the Russian Federation if they want to.

In addition, the Ukraine borders on NATO and therefore its soldiers and the population cannot be completely cut off from supplies. If Ukraine continues to be supplied with weapons, ammunition and equipment, it is an utter impossibility for the Putin regime to be successful at all.

The Russian Federation's current, and now decisive, military campaign against Ukraine can only be successful if either the Ukrainian people are actually Russian, or if both the EU and NATO provide Ukraine with financial, economic support and the supply of weapons and necessary materiel will fail. Even if the Russian Federation uses all the resources at its disposal, the outcome will be the same as it was in Finland or Afghanistan.

Unless Putin has very reliable information about the non-existence of the Ukrainian people or the successful acquisition of European decision-makers, then this military action is nothing more than sheer genocide to cover up his own weakness.

And then only a concerted action together with China, which should start shortly and would tie the USA in Asia - like the occupation of Taiwan, will save him.

But that would result in the genocide of the Ukrainian people becoming a full-fledged world war.

So the coming days are very exciting, and it is to be hoped that we can continue to watch the whole thing from the sidelines.