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Feature photo: Luise Kümmerle's kiosk

Just recently Joachim Friedl from the voice of Heilbronn a nice and, in my opinion, very successful reminiscence about the Trappensee kiosk, which after a good 80 years was obviously no longer needed and torn down at the end of 2019.

In the 1960s and 1970s my grandparents, Henry and Louise Kummerle, for almost 15 years the kiosk operator, whereby my grandmother as the "good soul" of the kiosk has remained in positive memory for many Trappensee visitors to this day. But not only their regular guests at that time, but especially many inner-city children, who often set out in groups across the old cemetery and then further across the Pühlpark to get a 10-pfennig ice cream - not only for the sparrows from the bird world, but that of the human kind was also always taken care of.

Even a large shepherd dog was never neglected, who, like his master, was regularly given a beer, but it was always served in the water bucket, which was ready for such cases.

Strengthened by the ice, we children then went back to the city center without missing to jump over the Pfühlbach until at least one of the children had wet feet. And just in case that adventure wasn't enough, there was still the circumnavigation of the Old Cemetery on its wall, which provided a lasting memory for at least one boy and more trouble than usual for his mother.

And as was customary at the time, everyone involved only went home when it was getting dark or the mothers had set a time for dinner. It is hard to imagine today that all these “enterprises” were accomplished without clocks, without telephones, without any plan, even without the parents knowing the whereabouts of their children, with the whole event always being left to the group dynamics of the respective children.

But the whole thing made sure that all these children became responsible citizens, all of whom are able to stand on their own two feet and, above all, to still provide entertainment themselves today and be satisfied with small things too be able.

"All they have to do is eat three or four children and there will be the most appalling publicity."

Christopher Lee as Doctor Catheter in Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)

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