Swabian tomato soup


For a real and authentic Swabian tomato soup, the right ingredients are particularly important. In addition, the preparation as well as the later serving is of great importance.

Let's start with the ingredients. You can borrow parsley, I like to go to my neighbor's because he has been growing his own parsley in flower troughs provided by the city since the BUGA. The location on the street and, above all, the proximity to the city center give the parsley a very special touch. You don't get this kind of quality in the supermarket or in the organic shop around the corner.

But you should start preparing the parsley in good time so that you don’t have to rush into unnecessary rushing. It is best not to pull a parsley leaf through rainwater too quickly and, above all, not too vigorously, so that the vitamins are preserved as much as possible. Every Swabian household has a rain barrel in front of the house, on the balcony or, in a more practical size, on the windowsill of their own apartment.

Once the ingredients have been prepared, take tap water — Swabians don’t skimp when it comes to food — and warm it up in the sun. Before serving, it can be heated briefly on the stove, in a kettle or in the microwave so that the soup reaches the desired temperature.

Some — nouveau riche — pull another tomato through the already heated tap water on holidays or on very special occasions, just before serving. However, I think this is exaggerated and far oversized in terms of taste! Because it is completely sufficient if there is a tomato in the household; I always have a tomato in the vegetable basket in the kitchen for such occasions.

Finally, pour the prepared tap water into a red plate provided — this can be preheated if you like; natural sunlight is also ideal for this — and garnish with the already prepared parsley leaf. However, you should be careful with this and save a little, otherwise the parsley flavor will dominate the Swabian tomato soup too much.

I wish you lots of fun cooking it and bon appétit when you eat afterwards!

And if the meal hasn't degenerated into a feast, then the parsley is bound to be left over. This can then be returned to the borrower after washing up, because it is still excellent for a Swabian stew.

Swabian tomato soup à la Henri

"According to an old world sage, one eats to live, not lives to eat."

 Molière, L'Avare ou l'École du mensonge | The Miser (2016 [1668]: 37)

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