Theater ship Heilbronn

Feature photo: Theaterschiff Heilbronn

There is more culture in Heilbronn than is generally assumed. Among other things, the first theater ship in Germany. Admittedly, those cabaret theaters in Heilbronn are fighting for their existence that are not dependent on the state drip for special cultural funding and where almost nobody thinks about what else could be done with a billion euros of tax money.

But our cabaret and sometimes also their corresponding clubs receive funding again and again, without which our cultural diversity would certainly be much worse - we would probably all have to be satisfied with state theaters and operas and a very adapted program.

It's hard to imagine what would be possible if the money that our municipal council and our administration spends on pure information trips and amusement events as well as reports of all kinds were also used for consistent cultural promotion in Heilbronn - we would probably be the cultural capital of southern Germany.

And so it's good to know that Heilbronn theater ship has come through the COVID-19 pandemic quite well so far. However, the Theaterschiff, like all theaters in Germany, has to struggle with the fact that those citizens who used to come to the performances out of "old habit" are now strongly weaned after a break of a good two years. All theater and culture makers are very busy not only winning back their old audience, but also generating new and young audiences - a challenge that can hardly be greater!

I myself am always happy to be on the Theaterschiff and am happy that it is directed by the creators Christian Marten Molnar succeeded again a very interesting offer to put on its feet.

By the way, on Saturday, October 29, 2022, the Theaterschiff will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with an anniversary gala.

And since not only the ship - a French freighter, which was brought to Heilbronn by a Swiss, is European, but also its artists are all self-confessed Europeans, the European federalists from Heilbronn were happy to be able to help with its new flags.

Now I just hope that the theater ship doesn't violate a municipal ordinance and that the European flag can continue to fly happily on the Neckar in Heilbronn.