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Appointment calendars, whether on paper or digital, are now a dime a dozen. Also some that you can not only share on the Internet, but also manage together.

In recent years I have managed many of them myself and also made some available to interested parties on a wide variety of websites. They all have one thing in common, one person has to do the necessary minimum work. And at least in my voluntary work, these calendars have not proven themselves, even the simplest appointment notices that can still be found on the websites are hardly noticed by those affected.

On the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn website, it is actually only one member who finds out about this and from whom we also receive corresponding feedback — ultimately it is easier and less time-consuming if I just call or text the member concerned for appointments .

That's why I'm starting a very minimalist approach, which also doesn't require any resources of my own, by simply using this blog post as an appointment reference.

In the future, I will simply post those appointments here that I consider so important that it is worth posting to me. And if you want, you can check from time to time whether something has changed — if you own an RSS reader, you actually have an advantage now.

And if you think my chosen approach is completely wrong or if you can even get something out of it, you are welcome to make this known in the comment function. But please refrain from trying to give me tips for calendars of all kinds, because that's not the point.


And no sooner had I informed everyone of my decision than I was very nicely asked at a face-to-face event to try again. That's why you can now find a new calendar here on this weblog. And now I'm very curious to see whether this will also be used by the readers.

Addendum 18.12.2023

Today was the day and I finally deleted this appointment calendar.

"Why should I make myself a slave to deadlines when I can enjoy my independence to the full and direct my speech anywhere I please, not subject to the judgment of disdainful listeners, but as my own standard?"

Synesios of Cyrene, Dion Chrysostomos (403), translated by Kurt Treu, Scientific Book Society Darmstadt (1959: 41)

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