Featured photo: Europa Ball 2024

I am pleased that some readers miss my regular posts. That is why I am now writing a completely spontaneous post that might be of interest to one or two readers.

Yesterday while dancing we got into conversation with one or two couples who again pointed us to the Europa Ball 2024 Unfortunately, it is far too rare for dance couples to find enough opportunities to dance these days - the best thing to do is to enroll in a dance school straight away; this also has the advantage of constantly improving your own dance skills.

Unfortunately, it does not solve the problem that there are still too few opportunities to really and exhaustively shake a leg, especially if you like to dance at balls - personally, I have always particularly liked the environment and ambience of the balls and, even though I have little interest in fashion, I also liked the dresses worn by the dancers.

Another problem is that if you were to find a dance ball today, it would usually be so busy that you would have to share the dance floor with far too many dancing couples. Sometimes I thought that it would be a good idea if the organizers divided the dance floor time between the couples.

That is why we received feedback yesterday, which praised our efforts to offer the dancers the largest possible dance floor. As we have heard, this gives the Europa Ball a unique selling point, at least as far as Stuttgart. And that is why we have now succeeded in holding the Europa Ball again in 2025.

The Theodor-Heuss-Saal will continue to have a dance floor of 360 square meters; this does not include the open spaces at the window front and towards the gallery.

This time there will be 33 tables again, which we are planning from the start for up to 10 people. This means we have 330 dancers, which corresponds to 165 dance couples. Even if all the dance couples were to dance at once, each dance couple would have more than two square meters of dance floor at their disposal. That's quite a statement!

And to ensure that the dance couples get the best dance music, we were able to get Happyness Voice as a dance band again. This ensures that all dance enthusiasts will get their money's worth on Saturday, May 10, 2025, at least those who register for the ball in time.

Those of my readers who are now really keen to dance can now secure their participation.

And for all those readers who aren't really into dancing, there is once again an enchanting supporting program, which will ensure a successful evening in a wonderful atmosphere.

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