Featured photo: Tamagotchi | © Gustavo Wandalen Corrêa from Pixabay

Some people still remember these things. My better half and I were happy at the time that the whole thing passed us by almost unnoticed, probably because our two sons developed other interests.

The first Tamagotchi versions in 1997 had a single life cycle, which led to their own cemeteries and pastoral care hotlines, which was completely crazy. The subsequent versions could then simply be restarted and everything was fine again. Interestingly, this "eternal" life led to the demise of this type of toy.

Detlef Stern and I recently came to the conclusion in a conversation that all devices with batteries are like Tamagotchis to us. And so Tamagotchis that have long since been further developed, such as smartphones and vacuum robots, have replaced the "race of aliens" of that time. The industry has learned from its initial mistake and, with built-in batteries, has ensured that our passion for these companions reaches completely new heights.

And since these devices contain valuable raw materials, we have so far refrained from building our new "virtual pets in pocket computer size". Interestingly, however, many of these devices still end up in drawers somewhere, only to delight their owners in later years - which amounts to the same thing.

In any case, this behavior is still better than simply getting a pet without any warning and then abandoning it in a motorway car park at the next opportunity.

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