First catering establishments with test sites


Post photo: Schnelltest-Teststelle | © Heinrich Kümmerle

What will initially appear to be easy when visiting the gastronomy, will be access for the privileged first 2 G's, those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated.

They show the certificate and the Luca app, scan in and are in. The third G, tested, has hurdles, so does it threaten to get complicated?

Employers provide up to two tests per week free of charge. But what do the guests do on the remaining days who have been weaned from gastronomy for many months? Or those who have deservedly retired from working life?

Thankfully, there are plenty of test centers in the city, but first in the city center or unfortunately only on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on the Theresienwiese, so that you can then go to the gastronomy of your heart, while in case of doubt you only have time for a drink. That turns out to be laborious. 

Colleagues from southern Baden, where the gastronomy is already open, report just 20% turnover. And refer to these hurdles. So it turns out to be a stroke of luck that the catering entrepreneur Philip Straehle not only its own gastronomy, which Kaiser's Club provides with a test center as a service provider, but also the Neckar Mile and supports the food court beer garden as a test provider. 

From the opening of the long-missing gastronomy, the test centers will be available there without prior registration. 

"The reports from southern Baden frightened us," he said Philipp Straehle, which is why we have now implemented a solution not only for ourselves, but also for our colleagues. "The fact that I can take the test question from the entire Neckar Mile with this partnership makes me happy," he said Haver Martinez from the Superbude.

Almost all entrepreneurs from the so-called hospitality industry expect an opening in Heilbronn at the turn of the month.

Thomas Aurich is not only a city councilor in Heilbronn, but since 1983, with the opening of the "old town", as a restaurateur and Heilbronn would be unthinkable without him.

I have Thomas Aurich as a very busy and also quarrelsome fellow citizen, who always makes sure that the sidewalks in Heilbronn are still frequented after the shops have closed.

So I am particularly pleased that I have him as a Guest blogger could win.

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