government formation

Post photo: Bundestag | © Clareich on Pixabay

The current GroKo negotiations would actually be the best basis for a CDU minority government. Incidentally, a wish that Mr. Barzel and also Mr. Kohl, as CDU chairmen and chancellor candidates, had expressed again and again. 

Now, especially after intensive negotiations with most of the parties represented in the current Bundestag, the CDU could also see itself as well prepared and also fulfill its old wish itself.

A win-win situation for all parties: On the points where the CDU and SPD actually agreed during the exploratory and coalition negotiations, the SPD opposition could vote with the CDU ruling party without a guilty conscience. On all other points, both parties, as well as the other parties, could have heated and passionate debates in the Bundestag over the next three years, which will bring citizens back to their screens and radios.

And then all voters would have sufficient information to bring about an actual decision on the direction in Germany in the next election. I had already written it in November: one can still dream!

"We must use time as a tool, not as a couch."

John F. Kennedy, Address to the National Association of Manufacturers in New York (December 5, 1961)