Pommier's inferno

Post photo: Valentin Trentin | © Valentin Trentin

I recently had to accept the discontinuation of several weblogs that I read regularly. This may also have something to do with the fact that blogging is a time-consuming endeavor for most of us bloggers. And if you then come to the conclusion that you are writing completely against a wall, you will certainly be less willing to continue expressing yourself in blog form.

And when I then up Valentine Trentins blog and looked at this post "Bulletin No. 207: Quiet in the box“ (March 24, 2022) I was afraid that another weblog would soon disappear. So I was quite happy when I Valentine Trentin informed me that he is currently working hard on his eighth novel in order to be able to publish it soon - so my interest was now more than aroused.

I had "googled" Trentin before, which I found on Wikipedia led, but now wanted to know a little more about him. It can be briefly described as follows:

Valentin Trentin, born in 1948, lives in Brugg (Switzerland) in the Schinznach-Bad district. As a former secondary school teacher, cantonal councilor, training and HR manager, he knows the low levels and everyday worlds of the educational province, politics and business life. The result: Still satire with bite, but tested realistically in everyday life, presented lifelike and without exaggerated attention to religious and ideological sensitivities. Again and again a rather cheerful evil joke.

Valentine Trentin

And since I'm a self-confessed fan of Tom sharpe am, at least I will Valentine Trentins latest work to heart.

Pommier's Inferno — Ugly and confusing detours to love

“The ex-banker and early retiree Pierre Louis Pommier knows just enough about books to stay away from all arguments in literary circles at any time.

He would never have engaged in Dante's Divina Comedia of his own free will if he hadn't been forced to stay in the hospital for a few days after a car accident, where he could still hope for a more loving encounter after an ugly trip to hell.

Because waking up from a coma, he is from his former high school classmates, chief physician Dr. copper. Gian Andrea Maro, had been invited to a memorable and alienating trip to the gigantic basement of his hospital, rather contrary to therapy, in order to be shown around the numerous basements.

However, what he then had to discover to his astonishment and chagrin reminded him in a contrasting way of the excursions of Dante and Virgil into the INFERNO of the distant, inquisition-loving High Middle Ages with its glowing coffins and tormented howling victims of a rigid morality.

However, the punishments have been adapted by the highest heavenly command to modern and amazing uses of torture. But read more for yourself soon.

And the positive. Our antihero gets to know a woman in the course of the story and falls in love with her in a few detours. That alone gives the book salt and pepper. Promised."

Valentine's Trentins novel is scheduled to be published in summer 2022 and can already be ordered through him: info@valentin-trentin.ch

"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."

HARUKI MURAKAMI, Norwegian Wood (2000: 31)