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Patreon — an idea from California

Post Photo: View of San Francisco | © Pixabay

Probably due to browsing American websites and weblogs, I came across Patreon, a website dedicated to supporting creative people.

And as a blogger for many years and now also valued by some fellow citizens, I simply count myself among the creative people; at least you can't deny that I occasionally come up with — let's put it this way — extremely creative ideas.

And since I'm known to like to experiment and am open to new ideas, I'll just give patronage a try. My coffee donation campaign, so that I could think about new projects together with another Heilbronn blogger after a forced break due to COVID-19, got off to a good start, but ultimately got stuck in the sprint phase. It is to be feared that there will never be a final sprint. Which certainly won't stop us both (@t73fde | @301062K51219) from sipping a coffee together again soon. 

So now I'm curious to see how the patronage will develop. As I understand this Patreon site, I can lure my future supporters with several offers. For one thing, I'll probably write exclusive weblog posts for my patron once or twice a month (if I follow a recommendation). And on the other hand, I'm considering giving my patrons one of my books as a small gift - in the hope that this won't be a bit of a deterrent.

And as the German football emperor said Franz Beckenbauer so often and gladly: "Let's see."

Great day

Focus of today was the birthday party of my better half. Although the grill broke down, I was able to come up with a spare grill so that the celebration went uninterrupted. And since the weather cooperated, it was a wonderful day with even more wonderful guests. Then it was time for the obligatory dance class.

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