Easter walk


Feature photo: Easter walk 2016

If you are not allowed to go to church at Easter, then it is imperative, especially with this good weather, that you go out in nature again, even if only alone, with your partner or maybe even with your family gives some air; and not just to breathe!

This is a wonderful start to today's Easter walk Heilbronn Theater enabled by below Frank Lienert Mondanelli very nice looking Johann Wolfgang von Goethes Fist 1 (1808) quoted namely:
[video recording no longer available]

In front of the gate

Streams and streams have been freed from ice
Through spring's lovely, invigorating look,
Happiness of hope is green in the valley;
The old winter, in its weakness,
Withdrew to rugged mountains.
From there he sends, fleeing, only
Impotent showers of grainy ice
In stripes across the green corridor.
But the sun doesn't tolerate white,
Education and striving stirs everywhere,
She wants to enliven everything with colors;
But there is a lack of flowers in the district,
She takes cleaned people for it.

Turn back from these heights
After the city to look back!
From the hollow dark gate
A colorful crowd emerges.
Everyone loves to sunbathe today.
They celebrate the resurrection of the Lord,
For they themselves have risen:
From low houses to dull chambers,
From craft and trade gangs,
From the pressure of gables and roofs,
From the streets squeezing narrowness,
From the church venerable night
Are they all brought to light.

just look, look! how nimble the crowd
Smash through the gardens and fields,
Like the river in breadth and length
moved many a jolly boat,
And, overloaded to the point of sinking,
This last boat moves away.
Even from paths far from the mountain
Flash colored clothes at us.
I can already hear the tumult of the village
Here is the people's true heaven,
Satisfied, big and small rejoice:
Here I am human, here I can be!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

On Easter Sunday, Faust takes a festive spring walk with Wagner and mingles with the promenading people in front of the gate. By the way, the ringing of the bells on Easter Sunday prevented Faust from taking his own life right from the start. As a result, Goethe was able to continue working on his work and gave many people enjoyable hours.

"Here I am, poor fool, and am as wise as ever."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, fist 1

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