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Already Jimmy Carter was convinced that

"We are over-lawyered and under-represented."

Jimmy Carter, Notes on the 100th Anniversary of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (May 4, 1978)

To this day, however, this is no longer a tragedy, since we can all rely on our administrations, which are between the decision-makers, the legislature, and the citizen, who on the one hand is both employers and on the other hand is the goal of all efforts on the part of the legislature and our administration, stand and thereby make many things easier.

Originally, administrations were created precisely in order to be able to marry the decisions of the sovereign with reality.

Over the last millennia, however, it has also been shown that the best administrations are not the most effective and efficient, but rather those that allow the citizen enough freedom to live, i.e. that have preserved their own humanity.

On the other hand, administrations must not become too human, i.e. too inefficient and ineffective, because then they no longer meet any requirements at all and thus endanger the overall structure.

We know enough examples from our own experience, except maybe an actually efficient administration, the existence of which is considered impossible by many experts.

Here in Germany we are fortunately blessed with a healthy average of administration and can therefore cope well if our administrations are larger than necessary and otherwise normal.

The following basic requirements have turned out to be ideal for an administrative employee: they must not be overly intelligent or overly diligent, but they must be good-natured!

It gets very bad for everyone when you meet lazy, intelligent and stupid hard-working people in an administration, who then come together to form a melange that is almost unbearable.

This is where the relevant human resources departments are called upon to promote the former as quickly as possible and place the latter in positions where they can also cause as little damage as possible.

But in any case, it must be prevented that malicious people in administrations up to mischief.

The worst case scenario would be the malicious, intelligent and hard-working administrative employee.

May our administrations continue to be spared from this!

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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