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Everyone knows them, our natural laws. These differ from man-made laws in that they cannot be enforced or overruled by us at will. However, there is no more precise or even uniform definition.

And so today I would like to add three more laws to the laws of nature, which I call human laws 1 to 3: The first human law is that for every 100 people there are always 5 idiots. The second law of man is that as soon as more than 5 people are together, there is always an idiot among them. And the third law of man is that as soon as a person thinks that the majority of others are "idiots", this one is exactly such.

As a human being, you must learn to deal with these three human laws. This is imperative if you don't want to be broken by humanity yourself or if you don't want to be successful in leadership positions yourself. If you want to be a good leader, then the leadership law 1 must also be fulfilled. And this is: Only those who love people can also lead them.

And I like to repeat it again, the wonderful thing about natural laws is that we cannot overturn them. You will realize this at the latest when you have made the greatest effort to get rid of at least one idiot from your area of ​​responsibility and you have actually succeeded in doing so, suddenly a door somewhere opens and you automatically receive two new ones.

By then at the latest, as a good leader, you should realize that you can contain these 5 idiots as much as possible, but you hardly have to actively get rid of them yourself. Sometimes you're lucky and one of these idiots gets picked up by the police, but that doesn't help you much because a door will open right away and you'll get at least one new one.

If you've ever dealt with statistics, you know that there's always variance, unfortunately Human Law 2 ensures you'll never be dealing with anything less than an idiot, quite the opposite, variances can sometimes even swing upwards. Thanks be to nature, but only until the human law 3 comes into force.

So it makes sense for you, as a person, or even as a leader, to get very creative in how you can employ such idiots to make the rest of your people useful and productive; if necessary, you have to sacrifice your best man, who then takes over this task for you.

And in doing so, you will learn another law of nature, namely the 80/20 rule (the human law 4): You need 80% of your time for these 5 idiots and 20% for the rest; even if you sacrifice your best man for it - this only saves you one or the other nerve, but over the years it actually pays off.

"If we've learned anything from the best-selling 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' children's book series, it's that those who see themselves surrounded by idiots are usually idiots themselves."

Jacob Augstein, Europe Is Right to Doubt German Euro Leadership (25.03.2013)

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  • Some agile excellent organizations sometimes manage to lower the rate. To the detriment of others, because all in all, Human Law 1 remains.