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The music video for the weekend is from one of my first records ever. Steppenwolf was founded in 1968 and was popular until the 1970s. The lead singer of the group was Joachim Fritz KrauledatBesides the song “Born to be wild” (1968), “Magic Carpet Ride” (1968) might have been a bit more well-known.

This song has already been mentioned in a parody on this blog - it's good when the "baby boomers" can still make fun of themselves. But how did I come up with this song? Not because "The Economist" is also referring to it recently ("It's a generation that has enjoyed extraordinary wealth and progress."), but purely because I feel like it at the moment.

But there are reasons for that too. Today, the horror show of tutoring, where the secondary school students are no longer even at kindergarten level - their parents should be tarred, feathered and driven out of town. And before that, the realization that while I'm still the "nice uncle" when reading aloud, hardly any of the students can follow the simplest texts anymore, let alone understand them.

But the whole thing is still surpassed by Heilbronn students, one of whom I am sharing here.

[Removed upon request, angry to anyone who thinks badly of this.]

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Steppenwolf was named after a novel (1927) by Hermann Hesse. The composer of “Born to Be Wild” is Mars BonfireIt is also worth mentioning that this song also appears in the film “Easy Rider” (1969) and later achieved cult status among motorcyclists.

Now it's time for me to focus on the really important things in life. So here's the current version of a once wild song.

In contrast to today's youth, however, we can still do our multiplication tables and are usually still able to formulate at least a few sentences without making mistakes.

On the other hand, we have not only completely destroyed our environment and society, but have also made today's youth what they are - not much!

All in all, it would have been better to invest more in one's own children than in cars, motorcycles and holidays.

"But I see something more in them, a document of the time, because Haller's mental illness is - I know this today - not the quirk of an individual, but the illness of the time itself, the neurosis of the generation to which Haller belongs, and which by no means only seems to afflict the weak and inferior individuals, but precisely the strong, most intellectual, most gifted."

The Steppenwolf (1999 [1927]: 30)

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    • Thanks for the tip. I'll take a look on Monday.

      What is interesting is that so many people are turning to the Steppenwolf for a variety of different reasons and perspectives.