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Didier Marouani founded the band Space in 1977 and was immediately able to conquer the charts at the time with the song “Magic Fly”. The song was played up and down on the radio at the time. The group broke up again in 1980 and so Space could easily be described as a one-hit wonder; I still like this song today.

I've been waiting for the Telekom technician for a good four hours now, and the craziest things can come to mind, such as which song from the 1970s suits Telekom best.

The technician is now there and is actually trying hard, my internet just disappeared. After a good 30 minutes of searching, the error was identified and a port had said goodbye. After a few more minutes we found out that the new cable to the new router was also broken. Currently my speed is 50 Mbit/s again. Now I'm hoping that the new router doesn't burn out too, it's already warm enough. My conclusion for today: I should start playing the lottery.


And Telekom sent me a voucher for 40 euros.

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