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Double message to Polish government

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The EU summit must send a double message to the Polish government

With its nationalist course, the Polish government is jeopardizing all the advantages of its membership in the internal market, in the Schengen area and ultimately in the EU.

In doing so, it harms the EU as a community of laws and values ​​and its own country. Precisely because of Putin's attempts to split energy policy and Lukashenko's smuggling activities, Poland has a great interest in a strong EU.

A double message must therefore come from the EU summit: on the one hand, full support for Poland in the conflict with Lukashenko and in protecting the EU's external borders, but on the other hand, the clear demand for the restoration of judicial independence.

Chancellor Merkel shouldn't end her last EU summit by kicking her heels when the EU's common values ​​are being attacked.

Instead, it should follow Dutch Prime Minister Rutte's suggestion that Poland immediately freeze EU funds if Warsaw continues its aggressive course.

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