Halfway through the council


Post photo: Heilbronn municipal councils with mayor | © City of Heilbronn

Time flies and soon it will be half-time in the council. In mid-November it was 2,5 years since the last local elections.

As the FDP parliamentary group, we are in intensive contact with citizens, retailers, restaurateurs, clubs, social institutions and many more on how to improve coexistence in our city.

We have made many suggestions, especially with regard to safety and cleanliness in Heilbronn. We continue to work on suggestions on how the city can save money and how staffing plans don't grow endlessly and how administrative processes could be made more efficient.

We continue to work to ensure that the self-employed in Heilbronn, including and especially retailers, are valued and supported more in their vital function for an attractive city. But we don't want to stop there. We need your input, your ideas. Please write to us what you expect from us in the second half of the election period. I look forward to it!

But today is also the time to say thank you to all those people who elected the new Bundestag. The high turnout was extremely important. Democracy means, among many other things, limited and shared power for a time. I want to prove myself worthy of this mandate through serious work and thank you very much for your vote.

You can reach me via: michael.link@bundestag.de

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