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Free Voters Heilbronn

With a liberal attitude, conservative values, a social conscience and a heart for our environment, after my retirement I have my political homeland with the Free Voters Heilbronn found. 

My local political focus is on education, infrastructure and social affairs. You can find my corresponding blog posts in the category "Heilbronn“Read.

And since I intend to run again in the municipal council election in 2024, I have my own again Facebook fan page furnished. And the same applies there: every vote / every like counts!

Principles of the Free Voter

The Freie Wahlervereinigung Heilbronn is not a party, but a registered association and a strong political force for Heilbronn.

The Free Voters' Association Heilbronn is the citizens' initiative for Heilbronn - independent and objective.

Free voters work at the local level “on the basis of democracy”. They live active civil society and value democracy.

Free voters have no electoral program. You are not bound by specifications “from above”. You decide without being tied to a program.

The human is the center of attention. We are always looking for the best solution for Heilbronn.

Free voters are open to cooperation with others. Free voters don't get involved to move up the career ladder. They work for their city and their district.

With the free voters, nobody has to adapt. We love freedom and we love independence. This is our strength.


Regardless of my attempts to exert influence on local politics, I am mainly active politically as a world federalist and European federalist and as a result have been district chairman of the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn.

As a federal cosmopolitan, local politics is particularly close to my heart, as it is the nucleus of all politics.

Federalist Principles

Hertenstein program of September 21, 1946

  1. A European community established on a federative basis is a necessary and essential part of any true world union.
  2. In accordance with the federalist principles, which require democratic construction from the bottom up, the European community of nations should itself settle any disputes that may arise between its members.
  3. The European Union is part of the United Nations organization and constitutes a regional body within the meaning of Article 52 of the Charter.
  4. The members of the European Union transfer part of their economic, political and military sovereignty rights to the federation they form.
  5. The European Union is open to all peoples of European character who recognize its principles.
  6. The European Union sets out the rights and obligations of its citizens in the Declaration of European Citizens' Rights.
  7. This declaration is based on respect for man, his responsibility towards the different communities to which he belongs.
  8. The European Union ensures planned reconstruction and economic, social and cultural cooperation and ensures that technical progress is only used in the service of mankind.
  9. The European Union is not directed against anyone and renounces all power politics, but also refuses to be a tool of any foreign power.
  10. Within the framework of the European Union, regional sub-associations based on free agreement are permissible and even desirable.
  11. Only the European Union will be able to ensure the integrity of the territory and the preservation of the individuality of all its peoples, big and small.
  12. By proving that it can solve its own fateful questions in the spirit of federalism, Europe should make a contribution to reconstruction and to a world federation of peoples.

Wolfgang Loesche 1998

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"For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius."

Gene Wilder as Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein (1974)