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These two types of politicians have one thing in common, they usually have no idea what it's actually about and also no real desire to familiarize themselves with the content and facts of a topic and the following discussion.

The former love and celebrate their own appearance, even if it's only in the shared toilets of convention centers. The latter depend on the "power" like J.R.R. Tolkiens Gollum at the ring and really are up for anything.

If politicians from these two constellations get together or even find themselves in one and the same person, then nothing stands in the way of their careers. Other politicians who have burned their fingers when encountering figures of light or shadow warriors and then survived this collision avoid another encounter with them like the devil avoids holy water and always ensure that these party colleagues or comrades go to the party as quickly as possible reach the highest offices just so that as little damage as possible is done in their own political ranks. In order to achieve this, volunteers or parliamentarians are often sacrificed en masse, as was the custom in the first high cultures at the beginning of our history.

I myself was born into a family that was very involved in party politics and was therefore dragged from one event to another when I was a small child. That's why I was able to put up posters earlier and better than ever playing football. That's why I found myself in party functions very early on, as is perhaps otherwise usual, and I was always maneuvered around encountering supposed figures of light and shadow warriors.

When such an encounter did occur, I still fell under the “puppy protection” which was still a matter of honor at least in “my” party at the time.

Unfortunately, I learned the wrong lessons from this and only got a little wiser in later encounters, which by the way led to two things: first, if "fight to the knife", then with rules and decency, and that's how I became a soldier. Secondly, I gave back my party membership card and began to engage in non-partisan political activity, where content was still the main concern.

For years, namely when I moved politically purely on the working level, I was spared further encounters with figures of light or shadow warriors, because they very rarely get lost in such low places and if they do, then only to grab another post and then quickly again to soar into higher spheres.

When I was asked myself whether I wanted to take on more responsibility at district level, I was immediately asked whether I would be willing to do the same at state level. My predecessor in office immediately advised me against it, since there was no light figure there, but one or the other shadow warrior. I was happy to take this advice and therefore to this day I have not accepted any position outside of the district level, no matter how nice it sounds.

Unfortunately, you can't prevent yourself from getting older, and so, due to my age, I ended up in professional positions that made it impossible to stay away from figures of light and shadow warriors. When I then had to realize that the politicians concerned were only shining lights, in one case I was also able to experience a "hermaphrodite", and in the meantime they also began to recruit soldiers, volunteers and parliamentary employees too - if only for good ones press photos – I took the consequences for myself and took early retirement.

Now "happy" with a lot of free time, I devoted myself more to the work of the association, only to find that the ever-widening withdrawal of the working level from the bodies that were so attractive for figures of light and shadow warriors is increasingly leading to the fact that the press releases are becoming more and more effective of the light figures further and further away from the reality within the association and the shadow warriors also consciously accept such discrepancies, since they only strengthen their own positions even further.

I became fully aware of this a few years ago when I spent a full two years preparing a county level "decree" to carry through all levels, diligently avoiding any shadow warriors along the way step, and finally had the resolution so far that it could be supported by the other state associations.

After the decision of our now joint application, which is now imminent, I wanted to celebrate the whole thing with my most important supporters at the buffet that had already been set up in the foyer, when very surprisingly - because almost never present - a very heavyweight light figure entered the plenum, quite obviously in a bad mood because he appeared too early for the buffet, and visibly in a bad mood because the advisory delegates did not adequately take notice, took the floor without being asked, declared himself to be the authoritative and only expert in exactly this matter in Europe, expressed serious concerns without them but to articulate, and thus buried two years of association work in less than 30 seconds.

I tried to confront him at the buffet, which only interested him to the extent that I was obviously bothering him about his gluttony. After dinner he was gone just as quickly as he had appeared. I only met this gentleman once more, during my research work in an association archive, when I found a bitterly angry letter from him in which he declared that he was leaving our association because, in his eyes, he was not properly recognized.

The actual reason for my contribution today, however, is the loss of our Secretary General at European level, a very fine, very committed and also very competent comrade-in-arms. i learned Paul Cow know when he became European chairman of our youth association. He did that surprisingly well and many were surprised that he didn't go into professional politics, but, as a very militant federalist, went his own way professionally and was also very successful. But he remained loyal to our association and also took on the function of Secretary General on a voluntary basis. Although only surrounded by figures of light and shadow warriors, he was able to compensate for their inability and, in the case of serious damage, to repair it again and again - purely on a voluntary basis and free of charge!

Unfortunately Paul Cow yesterday the victim of an intrigue that sends shivers down the spine of even the most hardened volunteers, but now also raises the question of whether volunteers can still protect themselves.

I see protection in strengthening the basis in all political parties, associations and groups, and only sending members to further committees or boards who have already demonstrably earned their merits at the working level themselves. I am firmly convinced that this will limit the number of light figures and shadow warriors from the start and only give those a chance to "realize themselves" who have previously done something for the association and the community. At least they later have a vague idea of ​​what they tear up their butts out of unreasonableness and pure egoism, namely results and achievements that many others have previously laboriously built up.

"The shifty language of politics, ... that strange language full of Maya and falsities of self-illusion and deliberate delusion of others, which almost immediately turns all true and vivid phrases into a jargon, so that men may fight in a cloud of words without any clear sense of the thing they are battling for..."

Aurobindo Ghose (September 1918)
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