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Post photo: Ukrainian flag with soldiers | © Pixabay

Two Ukrainian federalists have asked for these two reports, including the requests they contain, to be disseminated as widely as possible. I am happy to comply with this request.

Subject: Re: Solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues Dear friend! First of all, it's an honor to know each and everyone of you. Thank you for your support and your messages. We appreciate it. The expected Russian blitzkrieg has failed. Yes, we are fighting but Ukrainian physicians are strong, motivated and prepared. And yes, we need some help. First of all, let all your friends and neighbors know what's going on in Ukraine. It's not a civil conflict as one might think - it's an open Russian invasion. Speak, contact, protest, march in your cities. Second, please put this message on your FB and Insta:

“#Ukrainians ask to bring their forces to #Ukraine❗️At least to close the sky. To give shelter from the sky…” 

Third, Lviv is safe for now. But we are working non-stop to equip our medical troops all over the country. And yes, if you or your institution want to contribute in a large amount, you can do it. Obviously, we need unlimited IFAKs and tactical responder bags (based on NATO standards). If you have some ideas, please contact me directly. But I'm happy to admit that as for 25.02 we have connections for medical humanitarian help almost in every country. Once we will receive medical support, we will distribute it all over Ukraine. There is no need to fundraise money for medical needs. If you want to donate - we have one centralized link to support The Armed Forces. https://ukraine.ua/news/support-the-armed-forces-of-ukraine/?fbclid=IwAR1UW7ulckHlUV_xWnzRaKUyGpSuXOipuUopq6LRxX5L_fO2qITH90BcWTw 

You can use this link. Please check 2-3-5 times and trust official sources only. Finally, it's always a good time for prayers. Thank you for your support! It's a huge privilege to fight on the bright side. It brings courage and strength. As we all learned during our meeting in Lviv – Slava Ukraini! Heroiam Slava! You are wonderful! Sincerely yours, Olesya


Olesya Vynnyk, date: ven. 25 February 2022 at 21:53

And the second email is of particular interest to medical professionals and medical personnel.

Subject: Re: Solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues Thank you for your moral support. Currently, we have three main needs: Means for stopping bleeding (bandages, hemostatic wipes, tourniquets (carprosphere, celox, combat gauze) the most important thing right now.

If only this you can send, it is good. First aid kit for civilians. Surgical kits. If you can help us with this, it will be the best non-military contribution to the defense of Ukraine against Russians and Belarusians. Blessings to your families and we wish you never to hide in the subway from missiles and not to hear explosions. Now our troops are fighting for Kyiv. Vadym Vu's END

Vadim Vus, date: ven. 25 February 2022 at 09:19

At the moment it looks like Germany is still the only European country that is blocking further coercive measures against the Putin regime.

And please remember, if Putin wins again, it will be the Baltics' next turn, and shortly after that it will be our turn!

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